10 Loch Challenge – Wild Swimming Scotland

There is always room for the next exciting adventure, and sometimes bundling that adventure into a challenge makes it ever more tantalising. This challenge came from exactly that, and the childlike silliness of wanting to cram as much into a day as possible. Lynda has attempted the 10 loch challenge in a single day previously […]

Swimming – Loch Etive where only boats, bikes or feet can reach.

Just above Oban there is a beautiful 30km sea loch meandering through mountains and under an iconic bridge that is sure to be found on many outdoor swimmer’s bucket lists. The loch is believed to have found its name through the Gaelic goddess associated with its waters, and the Gaelic meaning “little fierce one”, which […]

Aberfeldy Adventure with the Awesome Peakers – Wild Swim Scotland

Another weekend, another swim adventure, but this time with a community Lynda has been involved with for numerous years, called “The Peakers”. Now before you ask, Peakers Scotland are a sub group of the ‘My Peak Challenge’ global community. It was founded by none other than Scottish actor Sam Heughan, who’s best known for his […]

Mull Adventure with Basking Shark Scotland – Wild Swimming Scotland

Outdoor swimming is so much more than being huddled on the side of a bank with friends and having a giggle of the absurdity of the activity you’re taking part in. It becomes a thirst for adventure, and one that can never be fully satisfied. That’s partly the reason Lynda started Take to the Water, […]

The Magic of Waterfalls.

When I am swimming in the chilled pool or under its cascading water I always feel a sense of euphoria as well as calm and strength. A harmonious conflict of emotions. They encourage you to squeal, to revert to your child like fun searching youth, to want to be under the cascading water, to search […]

Once in the water there’s no turning back.

With summer making an appearance and the water warming up there is no better time to get the costume on and try out wild swimming. If you’re teetering on the edge or keen to try but a little unsure, reach out. We’d love to spend a little time with you so you get the best […]