Wild Swim under a Full Moon

Ready for the Full Moon Dip

  Once a month as nature would have it, we have the opportunity to experience something that is out of this world, puts us in our place and just freaking awesome. Wild Swimming in the Borders under a full moon is one of these experiences where you are humbled by the shear size and brightness […]

Lismore Lighthouse at Sunset

I have passed this iconic lighthouse on numerous occasions when traveling to Mull, Coll or Tiree and always thought it would be great to swim under it. Well didn’t I go and tick that box – it was an amazing experience following the tidal pull down the side of the island to the peninsular. Why […]

Swimming Around the Churchill Barriers – Orkney

Wild swimming club | Take to the water

  A swim filled with reflection and emotion thinking back on the two world wars. When visiting Orkney, the Churchill Barriers are a must to explore from the water. They were high on my list, but little did I think of the emotional impact swimming around the ‘sacrificed ships’ would have on me. I was […]

The Blue Crystalline Water of the Slate Quarries

The islands that ‘roofed the world’. A trip to Easdale on the west coast takes you to a wonderous place whose environment changed as a result of the industrial past. The small island was the centre of the Scottish Slate Industry for almost Three centuries. At the peak of the slate mining industry Easdale had […]