Escape to Loch Katrine and WRAP yourself in SELF CARE

Escape for a Long Weekend to the Banks Loch Katrine and WRAP yourself in Self Care.

Welcome to our retreat on the serene waters of Loch Katrine, nestled in the heart of the breath taking Scottish countryside. As the warmth of summer fades and the festive season approaches, it’s the perfect time to pause, reflect, and indulge in a journey of self-care and rejuvenation.

Experience True Comfort and Care

Our retreat offers a complete package designed to restore and explore balance and harmony in your life. From luxurious accommodations to holistic wellness activities, every detail has been crafted to ensure your stay is as nurturing as it is memorable.

A Warm Welcome

Begin your stay with a big warm heartfelt welcome as we settle you into your accommodation, chat about the plans for the long weekend and head for a delicious bite to eat. Feel the stress of daily life melt away as you step into a world of comfort and care.

Reiki Healing Sessions

Experience the transformative power of Reiki, a holistic therapy that channels healing energy to balance your body and mind. Through gentle touch, Corinne, our Reiki superstar will help you achieve deep relaxation, stress reduction, and inner peace.

Our body holds the imprints of our experiences in certain areas of our physical form. Over the course of time, these emotional experiences build up, and get stored deep in the tissues. Our fascia holds the majority of our energetic imprints. Reiki healing acts as a tool to gently access these areas in the body, and clear any energetic blockages that have accumulated. Reiki healing can unblock stored energy and sometimes open deep-seated experiences in certain areas of the body. Ill health in the mental, physical and chemical structures is caused by malfunctioning electrical fields of the human body and can be corrected using reiki and other vibration such as sound and colour.

The Reiki workshop and attunement will provide you with a complete overview and experience of the ancient art of reiki healing and how to use it for self-healing and personal growth. You will also learn how to share it with your loved ones, and if you wish .. to open up new career prospects.

You will have the opportunity to leave with a Level 1 Reiki Attunement with certification.

Cosy Lounge for Relaxation

Our cosy lounge offers the perfect setting for relaxation. Curl up with a good book, savour a cup of herbal tea, enjoy the chat of like-minded people, or simply enjoy the warmth of the fireplace.

Water Wellness

You will have the opportunity to explore the cold water of Loch Katrine and surrounding lochs. Wellness through cold water in the natural environment is powerful, helping calm the mind, increase happy hormones and helps with body repair.

If you are already a cold water dooker, you will already be fully aware of the qualities cold water entry brings. Come and enjoy opportunities to submerge yourself in the healing waters through out the long weekend.

Self-Care Sessions

To further enhance your experiences, we will offer you the opportunity to participate in our self-care sessions such as massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, transformational coaching & creative natural art.

Explore the Stunning Surroundings

Explore the stunning surroundings with guided hikes and nature walks. Discover the vibrant colours of autumn, breathe in the fresh air, and reconnect with nature.

Delicious, Nutritious Dining

Our dining experience celebrates the flavours of Scotland. Enjoy delicious, nutritious meals made from fresh, local produce, designed to nourish both body and soul.

Embrace Peace and Tranquillity.

Breathe in the crisp, clean air and let the natural beauty of Loch Katrine inspire your practice.

You are free to try all or a select number of the activities offered during your stay.

As your time draws to a close, the aim for you to  reflect on your journey and the sense of peace you’ve found here. At our retreat on the banks of Loch Katrine, we invite you to embrace self-care and create lasting memories that will carry you through the festive season and beyond.

Book Your Stay Today

Embark on a transformative retreat. Loch Katrine awaits.

What is included:

  • Full accommodation from 5.00pm on Friday 15th November to 10.00am Tues 19th November
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during your stay
  • Snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • All therapies as noted above.

What is not included:

  • Transport to and from the accommodation

Lynda, a qualified Open Water Coach, Aromatherapist and Sports Masseuse from Take to the Water has teamed up with Corinne to bring you a long weekend we believe you will love.

Corinne has been working in the field of mind-body health for 40 years. Throughout this time, she has added a diversity of skills to the traditional teaching, physical bodywork, and energetic “touch” with which she began. As well as being experienced in vibrational healing and energy work across several modalities (Eastern and Western, Traditional, and modern), she has been a full-time lecturer in kinesiology, reflexology, massage, aromatherapy, reiki, meditation, and other allied disciplines, teaching and assessing internationally. She holds a BSc (Hons) in Speech and Language Therapy and has a specific interest in neurodiversity, healing, and personal development through non-traditional means. She now draws on many skills and healing tools to effect real energetic change in her clients and students, helping them let go of limiting beliefs and guide them to discover and step into their unique brilliance.

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