Open Water Safety Awareness for Young People in RIVERS

Promoting Water Safety Awareness for Young People (Aged 7-12)

Join Our Water Safety Awareness Sessions!

We are excited to offer a vital water safety session specifically designed for young people aged 7-12. This engaging and informative class aims to equip children with essential life skills for safely navigating rivers.

Why Water Safety is Important

Open water environments, such as rivers , present unique challenges, and risks. Our lesson will help young participants understand these dangers and learn how to stay safe while enjoying the beauty and fun of natural water bodies.

What Will Be Covered

Understanding the Environment and Respecting Nature:

  • Recognising hazards of swimming in the outdoors such as weather conditions and water temperature.
  • Identifying safe and unsafe areas for swimming and playing.
  • The importance of keeping rivers  clean.
  • Understanding wildlife and plant life to avoid disturbances.

Personal Safety Skills:

  • Learning the importance of water access points
  • Understanding the buddy system and why it’s crucial never to swim alone.

Emergency Response:

  • What to do if they or someone else gets into trouble in the water.
  • Basic rescue techniques and how to call for help.

Benefits of the Session

  • Confidence Building: Young People will gain confidence in their ability to enjoy open water safely.
  • Life-Saving Skills: The knowledge imparted could save lives and prevent accidents.
  • Fun and Engaging: Our experienced instructors use interactive methods to make learning about water safety enjoyable.

How to Join

Register your child for this essential water safety session and give them the skills they need to stay safe around open water. Spaces are limited, so sign up today to secure your child’s spot!

Together, let’s make water activities safe and fun for everyone!

The details:

  • Each session is 1 hour long – it is suggested that the loch and river sessions are booked together. This will be based around Galashiels and Selkirk.
  • Transport to location is not provided.
  • Parents or guardians are encouraged to remain during the session which will enable them to refresh /enhance their awareness.
  • With safety first, all sessions are dependent on weather and water conditions.
  • All young people must wear a swim costume or suitable attire for the water.
  • Wet suits are not provided but if young people have them, they are most welcome to wear them.

If you are keen to discuss a 1:1 session, or you would like to explore the opportunity away from Galashiels  please reach out to who would be delighted to discuss alternative options


17 Jul 2024



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