The Blue Crystalline Water of the Slate Quarries

The islands that ‘roofed the world’.

A trip to Easdale on the west coast takes you to a wonderous place whose environment changed as a result of the industrial past. The small island was the centre of the Scottish Slate Industry for almost Three centuries. At the peak of the slate mining industry Easdale had a community of more than 500 working as many as seven quarries.

The world skimming championships takes place in September of each year, In 2019 the winner was Peter Szep (Hungary).

Access to the island is from Ellenabeich via a small boat which follows a timetable and called using a Klaxon. The ferrymen were wonderful advocates of the island happily advising of route to the quarries. On arrival, with no cars having access to the island, the colourful wheelbarrows lined up against the harbour meet new comers. The barrows are used to transfer shopping and luggage to the white iconic bungalow homes.

With care, a number of the quarries can be entered for a swim with one being called the ‘swimming pool’ by the residents as it has a gentle access and entry. The salty water carries a magnificent and clear blue hue as a result of the mineral content.

Cautions: Access to the water can depend on tides. Please ensure you have a clear entry and exit point. Due to their industrial past the quarries are deep and with one exception do not have a gentle entry.

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