The Magic of Waterfalls.

When I am swimming in the chilled pool or under its cascading water I always feel a sense of euphoria as well as calm and strength. A harmonious conflict of emotions.

They encourage you to squeal, to revert to your child like fun searching youth, to want to be under the cascading water, to search for fish in the pools, to enjoy their swoosh’s.


Falling with grace or with power

Calling me to come in

I have always been intrigued by their beauty, sounds and sheer brilliance.
Waterfalls are magical creations of nature.  They really push you into the realm of such positivity due to their unending symphony.

What is it about the falling water that creates such a pull?

A waterfall releases negative ions, and when we are near them we soak those ions up as positive energy. Once they enter our blood stream, our production of serotonin is increased, therefore making us naturally happierand boosting energy levels.

So, basically, we are happier around waterfalls. So why WOULDN’T we love waterfalls?

Sensory Overload from Waterfalls

Waterfalls actually stimulate three senses at the same time.

Firstly, sight. There is nothing quite like watching the wate as it cascades – it is mesmerising as well as being beautiful.

Second, hearing. A waterfall can roar in spate, or it can be gentle when the riveris lower. Either way, you hear a waterfall as much as you see it, and more often than not you hear it long before you actually see it. It is the sense of hearing that gets you excited and has your blood pumping, longing for that moment when you first SEE it.

Third, smell. This is not one that is often thought of, but it is true. The smell of a waterfall is so fresh and alluring. The water is clean, and the way it falls through the air is akin to fresh rainfall, and we all love the smell of rain. This sense is most likely tingled by the most basic of human instincts that has us constantly seeking fresh water. After all, it is the elixir of life, and we rely on it to live.

Waterfalls are never the same

Image with thanks Ian Douglas

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