Wild Swim under a Full Moon


Once a month as nature would have it, we have the opportunity to experience something that is out of this world, puts us in our place and just freaking awesome. Wild Swimming in the Borders under a full moon is one of these experiences where you are humbled by the shear size and brightness of the moon as she lights up the night sky.

Watching the silvery moon light dance off the water as we break it with your ripples and looking up to see a sky full of bright magnificent stars leaves us in perpetual awe.

Can you believe that there are even more benefits for us swimming under the moon then a sense of joy and bewilderment?

In her book Saltwater in the Blood, Dr Easkey Britton writes:

‘Exposing ourselves to moonlight can regulate our hormones and cycle, changing levels of melatonin that helps regulate our sleep cycle. We are creatures of light and darkness, evolving our way around the cycles of day and night, the light and dark of the circadian rhythm, long before artificial lighting.’

As our swimmers enter the water it is usually with mirth and the occasional squeal to begin with but then the magic of the moment tends to take over and a calmness comes across the group as they fully appreciate the experience. The bobbing lights attached to each swimmer or tucked in their tow floats is reassuringly visible as each person takes a dip, looking up into the dark sky capturing the picture to memory.

The fire creates a beacon on the bank indicating the exit and providing warmth as everyone scrabbles to get out of their soggy kit and into their warm layers. It always seems harder to get dressed when you can’t see what you are doing, but so long as you have the clothes on, it doesn’t matter which way round or inside out. Noone cares.

The swim invigorates, the moon rejuvenates, and the banter is usually ‘top draw’ as my daughter would say.

It should be noted that not all Full Moon swims have the clear skies, some our moon becomes a little shy hiding herself behind a veil of cloud. Great swims non the less. The night swim still brings its own joy.

Keep an eye out for our full moon swims in the Borders – listed on our Facebook page under events.

Safety comes first and is always at the top of our agenda for our Full Moon Swims

When packing make sure you have:

  • Lights – gentle light tucked in your tow float, fairy lights around your woolly hat are all fab. Remember, head torches blind other dippers if on bright and on your head – tucked in your tow float are a great place for them.
  • Make sure you have layers for when you exit. The night temperatures are lower usually then through the day and there tends to be a greater dampness to the air.
  • Bring a hot drink to sip on while blethering and taking on the heat of the flames.
  • There are usually chocolates or tasty treats of one type, or another shared around the group.

The organised swim offers:

  • Group swims – we keep an eye out for each other and ensures that no one swims alone.
  • Our Fire beacon (or bright torch) is a welcome sight for our dippers and looks superb from in the water.


Full Moons

January: Wolf Moon

February: Snow Moon

March: Worm Moon

April: Pink Moon

May: Flower Moon

June: Strawberry Moon

July: Sturgeon Moon

August: Blue Moon

September: Corn Moon

October: Hunters Moon

November: Beaver Moon

December: Cold Moon

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